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Victory Optical Product Page

March 17th 2014

Engage Inc

Awesome Media Gallery

December 26th 2013

Awesome Media Gallery is a collaboration between myself & Engage Inc and is built on my Community Gallery Manager product.

The goal was to create the most feature-rich & well-designed image & video sharing product on the CodeCanyon marketplace along with a collection of high quality plugins that users can purchase to extend the basic product.

Engage Inc

VFX Art Portal

December 8th 2013 is a service where individuals and companies can publish their artwork, whether it's a 3D rendering, a paper sketch or a video, and connect with others in their industry. Users are also given the ability to create a rich profile where they can display information about themselves, their skill set and advertise their services.

The application was a collaboration between myself & Engage Inc, a Canadian web-service agency, and was built on my Community Gallery Manager product. The team over at Engage Inc did a truly remarkable job extending the core product into the finished site & I strongly recommend them if you're looking for an agency to handle the online side of your business.


Prudential PDF Generator

November 11th 2013

Prudential Castle Point Realty needed modifications to the system used for creating high resolution printable PDF files to display property information in the windows of their branches.

The tools used for this included PHP and JavaScript, including PHP's GD & PDF libraries.

Calculate Age from Date of Birth in MySQL

November 7th 2013

Calculating someones age from a given date of birth using MySQL isn't especially complex but I've seen a few long-winded approaches to the problem so I thought I share my own method.

"SELECT FLOOR(DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date_of_birth`) / 365.25) AS 'age' FROM `users`"

The above example assumes there is a DATE field called date_of_birth in a table called users. You could expand this example to search for users between a particular date range, for instance users between the ages 27 and 33.

"SELECT FLOOR(DATEDIFF(NOW(), `date_of_birth`) / 365.25) AS 'age' FROM `users` WHERE (age >= 27 AND age <= 33)"

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